Finding Deal-Specific Co-Investors and Acquisition Financing

When Axial members are under LOI on a deal, they have the ability to confidentially connect with relevant capital providers through the platform by creating Sellside Projects.

Sellside Projects are confidential. They only become visible to other members if and when you choose to privately share the teaser with that member directly.

This article highlights some important nuances around Sellide Project creation specifically for Buyside members looking to connect with capital partners around a deal. For general information on Sellside Projects, we’d recommend taking a look at this article – How do I market a deal on Axial?

Tips on Deal-Specific Capital Raise Projects

1. “Obtain Financing” is the correct project type

2. Be mindful of capital type

If you are looking for both debt and equity for the deal, you’ll want to create two separate Sellside Projects. For each project, the answer to “What is the total amount of capital you are seeking in millions?” should reflect the amount of that type of capital you are seeking (i.e. how much debt for one project, how much equity for the other). The same goes for “What is the minimum check size you are willing to entertain from one party?”

3. Be specific with industry

Use the industry tool to as accurately and specifically as possible to describe the business you are looking to acquire. If you’re not sure how best to do that, reach out to

4. Your role is Investor / Board Member

Members under LOI and looking to connect with capital providers MUST represent themselves as Investor / Board Members.

5. You must be under LOI

Before you share your deal with any of your Recommended Targets you MUST be in a period of exclusivity (under LOI or otherwise) on the transaction in question. Be mindful of other member’s time and do not reach out before you are ready to engage in meaningful conversations.


These tips, in conjunction with this article and the information found in the platform, should help you get started. If you have questions, need help, or aren’t seeing any recommendations after setting up your project please send us a note at