Auto Parts – Industry Selection Guide

We recommend copying and pasting the selections that are relevant to you into the “Filter Results by Keyword” search bar within the industry selector and then refining as needed to accurately represent your criteria.

If you haven’t already, please review the Introduction to Buyside Project Industry Selection Guides for more tips.

Transportation + Manufacturing

  • Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing

Transportation + Distribution/Wholesale

  • Motor Vehicle Parts (Used) Distributors (Wholesalers)
    Motor Vehicle Supplies and Parts Distributors (Wholesalers)

Secondary Selections – we’ve seen members use the following, but wouldn’t consider them to be the most common.

Pro Tip: You can find all of these by selecting Industrials + Manufacturing in the Filters and typing “car” in the “Filter results by keyword” search bar.

Industrials + Manufacturing

  • Aircraft and automotive wire and cable (except aluminum, copper) made from purchased nonferrous metals (except aluminum, copper) in wire drawing plants
  • Aircraft and automotive wire or cable made from purchased copper in wire drawing plants
  • Amplifiers (e.g., auto, home, musical instrument, public address) manufacturing
  • Automobile antennas manufacturing
  • Automobile hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Automobile polishes and cleaners manufacturing
  • Automobile radio receivers manufacturing
  • Automobile storage batteries manufacturing
  • Automobile suspension springs, heavy gauge metal, manufacturing
  • Automotive electrical engine diagnostic equipment manufacturing
  • Automotive electrical switches manufacturing
  • Automotive light bulbs manufacturing
  • Automotive or aircraft wire and cable made in aluminum wire drawing plants
  • Automotive theft alarm systems manufacturing
  • Car alarm manufacturing
  • Car stereos manufacturing
  • Car wheels, rolled steel, made in iron and steel mills
  • Compact disc players (e.g., automotive, household-type) manufacturing
  • Gauges (e.g., oil pressure, water temperature, speedometer, tachometer), motor vehicle, manufacturing
  • Generators for gas-electric and oil-electric vehicles, manufacturing
  • Glass, automotive, made from purchased glass
  • Light bulbs, sealed beam automotive, manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle belts, rubber or plastics, manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle hardware, metal, manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle hoses, rubber or plastics, manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle instruments (e.g., fuel level gauges, oil pressure, speedometers, tachometers, water temperature) manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle paints manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle tires manufacturing
  • Paints, oil and alkyd vehicle, manufacturing
  • Polishes (e.g., automobile, furniture, metal, shoe) manufacturing
  • Safety glass (including motor vehicle) made from purchased glass
  • Sealed beam automotive light bulbs manufacturing
  • Sirens (e.g., air raid, industrial, marine, vehicle) manufacturing
  • Wheels, car and locomotive, iron or steel, made in iron and steel mills

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