What to do if you’re having trouble hearing back from a sell-side member?

Most Axial members are highly responsive, but sometimes things do fall through the cracks. Here are some best practices to keep things moving any time you pursue a deal on the platform and are having trouble connecting with the sell-side member.

Video: How to Follow-Up & Report a Concern


Step 1: Follow Up

First, if you have not done so already, we recommend following up with the member. To send a message from your Active Deals page: click on the deal, navigate to the ‘Messages’ tab, and click ‘Reply’ at the bottom.

You can also call the member directly using our click-to-call feature by clicking the phone icon by their name in the details tab (note: this is only available if the member has linked their phone number to their Axial account).

Step 2: Report a Concern

If you still don’t hear back after following up 2-3 times, ‘Report a Concern’ to let the Axial team know. From there, our Sellside team will politely follow up with the member on your behalf. Here’s how to do that:

Please provide context on any follow-ups you’ve already sent or any other relevant context.

Additionally, we’d recommend leaving a rating while working with the sellside member. You can learn more about Member Ratings here.