Unified Deal Outreach on Axial

On the next deal you market, you can Add Your Own Buyer List to the Axial platform, de-duplicate your buyers automatically from existing Axial members, and then run a unified, personalized outreach process from your email account.

This is powerful functionality, so we created an FAQ:

  • Why would I use this?
    • You used to have to run an Axial process and then a separate one to your own buyer list. This functionality eliminates that, making it easy to run a white-glove, unified outreach process to your entire buyer list, both Axial-generated prospective buyers and your own first-party relationships, all from one place.
  • Do I have to use this feature?
    • No, of course not. It’s a huge time-saver and was the most-requested feature by investment bankers who use Axial, so we built it. But it’s optional.
  • Are buyers on *my* list forced to log into Axial to see the deal details?
    • No, never. You customize the message as always, and can include your personalized teaser and NDA. They just reply to you via email. Axial is invisible.
  • Can I use all of Axial’s messaging and lightweight CRM tools with *my* buyer list?
    • Yes, of course. Read receipts, response tracking / notifications, automatic NDA delivery, are all at your disposal.
  • Can I send myself a test so I can see how it all works before using it on a live deal?
    • Yes.”Send Yourself a Test” functionality is built right in, and you can send tests as often as you like.
  • Can buyers see my teaser and NDA on mobile?
    • Yes, have a look below at some of the screenshots. Everything is mobile-friendly to expedite responses and NDA execution.

Add Your Contacts

Add contacts to your Master List by pasting them in – we’ll automatically de-duplicate for you


Master List

View Axial’s recommendations and your own contacts in one deal-specific Master List


Master List With Details

Quickly reference key details about any of your contacts


Totally Mobile Friendly For Recipients

Your contacts can access the teaser & NDA in a mobile-friendly viewer