What is SmartShare, and how does it work?

Typically, when an Axial member is using the platform to discover potential buyers / investors for a company they’re representing, they’ll review and hand-pick recipients from our Recommendation Lists.

But of course, the network is dynamic: members come and go, and investor criteria are always subject to change. So there’s no guarantee that a Recommendation List generated on Monday will look the same on Friday.

To remove the work of sellers needing to log into the platform and re-share the opportunity each time a new investor is recommended, Axial offers a feature called SmartShare, which allows them to set the project to be instantly shared with any new matches, for a period of 21 days.

On the receiving end, this means that when you activate or edit a buyside project, you may instantly receive deals for which the sellers have enabled SmartShare. This can get you instant exposure to a body of live deals that fit your criteria, and materially increases the chances you get included in a deal marketing process that “launched yesterday”.

This type of event can create a windfall, but outside of it, and in general, you should expect deals to arrive at more varied intervals.

Note that you can source a deal via SmartShare even without having made changes to your buyside project: the feature can be triggered if the seller Re-Enables SmartShare, or if they update their project’s details while SmartShare is on, creating (and sending to) a new match in the process.