Quick Way to Increase Axial Deal Flow

Are you looking for a way to increase your deal flow on Axial?

If you have a project on Axial which is set to match with advisors/bankers only when they have an exclusive mandate, you are being prevented from receiving deals from advisors who are non-exclusive but not expecting to charge you a fee.

We’ve recently added the ability to control whether you want to be receive deals from this cohort of advisors. If you would like to see this additional deal flow, you can edit your projects to reflect that you’d be interested in connecting with non-exclusive advisors.

On the home screen, click into your project. This will take you to a high level overview where you will be able to select “edit project”

From there, scroll down where we ask about the parties you’d be interested in seeing an opportunity from and select “Advisors without an exclusive mandate”:

Remember, you’ll need to update this selection on all of your projects to reflect this information.