Matching On Axial

How does matching work on Axial?

Buyside projects capture information about your investment criteria so our system can intelligently recommend you as a transaction partner to deal representatives whose opportunities best fit your interest.

Once the deal representative reviews your criteria alongside other potential deal partners, they will choose whether to share a teaser with your firm.


What does the count I’m seeing mean?

Every time you save a completed buyside project, Axial checks our database of marketed deals to provide you with a count of how many deals were brought to market in the last twelve months which match your project’s current criteria.

This count is meant to provide you with a sense for how many deal opportunities you might expect your project to be recommended for over a given period of time.

It’s important to note that, because deals are privately shared on Axial, being recommended for a deal does not guarantee you will be chosen by the sellside to receive the teaser. Historically, Axial’s sellside users have on average chosen to share with roughly 80% of buyside groups which are recommended.


What affects my estimated deal flow?

The inputs of your project determine the number of deals you will be recommended for.

Whenever you adjust these inputs, you can Save your project to generate an updated count of matching deals brought to market in the last twelve months.

To increase the likelihood you receive a deal you are recommended for, you’ll need to make sure you’re marketing your firm as attractively as possible. You can do this through the qualitative inputs of your project, and through the information presented on your Company Profile. 

If you’d like to review your estimated deal flow further, please reach out to our team at


What if I don’t want to save my project while I explore?

In order to refresh the deal count on your buyside project, you’ll first need to Save it. 

In the event that you want to experiment with an existing project without losing your current settings, we recommend creating a Copy of your existing project. To copy a project:

  1. Navigate to your list of buyside projects via the Projects dropdown anywhere on the platform.
  2. Access the project overview by clicking on the name of the project you’d like to copy.
  3. Click Copy at the top of screen and follow the on-screen prompts.