Locked Deals on Axial

What is a Locked Deal?

Members of the sellside are able to market their deals in two ways through Axial: they can send outreach notes to buyside members, inviting them to pursue, or they can anonymously make their teaser available in order to field inbound inquiries as they assess who to fully invite into the process.

You may see these Locked Deals appear amongst your Action Items, and you’ll notice that they contain all of the same information as other deals on Axial, except all of the sellside’s identifying information will be hidden (name, company, office location, etc.). When you see one, you can review all the info it contains, dismiss if it’s not of interest (this will not notify the sellside, who can still later share the teaser with you via a standard outreach note), or Reach Out if you’d like to be included.

If you click “Reach Out”, you’ll be prompted to compose a thoughtful pitch about why you’re interested and why the sellside should include you in the process. All in all, a well-written inquiry represents a chance for you to stand out amongst the other recommended buysidemembers competing to access the deal.

An example of a Locked Deal on desktop.

The teaser shows deal information without disclosing the sellside’s identity.

Using the text input, you can pitch your case to the sell-side. 

What happens when I send an inquiry?

An email with your note – as well as the details of your matching buy-side mandate – will be sent to the sellside, so they can review your pitch and easily invite you into the process.

What the sellside sees after you inquire on a Locked Deal

What should I include in my inquiry?

Every Sellside firm has its own process and criteria for evaluating buyers, but there are a few things we’ve found they tend to be looking for:

  • Relevant Experience – details about your / your firm’s relevant operating or investing experience (ideally in the industry of the locked deal)
  • Funding / Financing Information – details about your sources of capital (especially helpful if it’s not evident from your website / company profile)

Should the sellside accept your inquiry:

  • You will be notified immediately
  • Their identity will become revealed to you
  • The deal will appear on your Active Deals List
  • Axial will automatically process a Pursuit on your behalf
  • Axial will check for an NDA, and if one was included by the sellside, will advance the deal’s status to NDA Available

If you have any questions regarding Locked Deals, don’t hesitate to reach out to help@axial.net for support.