How do I meet buyers and capital providers?

If you’re interested in meeting investors, lenders, and/or potential buyers for your business, get started by creating a project.

Projects help you quickly identify potential partners who could be great fits and manage your progress with them as you connect and share information. Projects use basic information about your company to recommend a list of members that fit your goals. You can review and share a teaser with these other members to initiate conversations and manage the deal process.

Projects are confidential. They only become visible to other members when you choose to contact the member directly.

  1. Get started by clicking to create a new project on your Axial Homepage.
  2. Next, select your objective for the Project and provide an internal code name. 
  3. After clicking “Get Started”, you’ll be prompted to answer a set of questions about your company and its goals. Axial uses this information to generate a teaser so you can selectively share your deal with other members on the network, and to factor into our matching algorithm and suggest the most relevant transaction partners. Remember to conceal the identity of the company, while still including  as much detail as possible. Detailed Projects get more interest on the network.
  4. In the “Financials” section, first select the month of your fiscal year end, then, input the company’s historical financials. In order for our application to connect you with relevant buyers and investors, you’ll need to enter both Revenue and EBITDA for either the Last Twelve Months or the most recent year of Actuals. You may also add Gross Profit and CAPEX. We recommend filling out as much of this table as you can. Finally, please indicate if your financials have been audited, and if so, by whom. 
  5. Next, please indicate your relationship to the company.
  6. Finally, complete the “Documents & Contact” section. Here you can upload your own custom teaser, indicate whether or not you will use Axial’s Standard NDA or upload a custom NDA, and upload a Confidential Information Memorandum. Axial’s standard NDA allows recipients to sign electronically, saving you both time. Recipients won’t be able to see the CIM unless you explicitly share it with them.

As you’re completing the information in your project, keep the following tips in mind to maximize interest in your company:

  • Do not use all-caps, exclamation points, hyperbole, or too many adjectives
  • Write a detailed description at least 250 words in length

When your Project is complete, you can preview your teaser, save your Project to come back to, or click “Find Transaction Partners” to review your Recommend Targets and share the teaser. For more information about how to proceed once your Project is complete, see our article: How do I share a teaser on Axial?

Note: Axial’s standard NDA is signed 11.6% more often, and in 23.3% less time, than custom NDAs shared on the network.