FAQ about Document Badges on the Deals You Source

Q: What’s the new feature?
A: Upon sourcing an opportunity on Axial, you’re immediately able to see:

  • What the NDA process will be:
    • Axial Standard
    • Custom eSignable
    • Custom Downloadable
    • No NDA has been uploaded
  • Whether there is a CIM uploaded.

Q: Why is this important?
A: We know how great it feels to source a promising deal. And conversely, how frustrating it can be to hit a dead end before you’ve even signed the NDA or read the CIM. You need to spend your time efficiently: by letting you know about the NDA & CIM status, we hope to help you decide where your time will be best-spent.

Q: If the sellside member hasn’t included an NDA or a CIM, should I pursue?
A: That’s up to you! Plenty of great deals don’t take full advantage of the platform’s document efficiencies. From our end, we want you equipped to make increasingly informed decisions about what to pursue, and what type of process to expect after pursuing.