Deal Management on Axial

Managing New Deals

In addition to your email inbox, your New Deals is where deals will appear once an advisor shares them with you. When you activate a project for the first time, you may notice that some deals instantly appear within this inbox. This is due to a feature called SmartShare.

Keep your Responsiveness Score high by responding to all deals within 2 days of receiving them. You can respond to a deal by hitting either Pursue or Decline.

Managing Active Deals

Once you’ve Pursued a deal, it will move to your Active Deals, where you’ll manage your live pipeline of Axial deals.

You can see the status of each deal in the column on the left, or click on the deal to review the details of the teaser, the match tab, or the interaction activity.

After you’ve pursued a deal, you’ll often have an NDA Available to review and sign, after which you’ll likely receive the CIM. Keeping these statuses up to date using the Actions dropdown on the right will help you stay organized.

It’s especially important to update the status any time you issue an IOI, LOI, Term Sheet etc. in order to stay organized and in compliance with Axial’s Terms of Service.

Even if they respond to New Deals via their email inbox, most members log in once a week to review their Active Deals and make sure their pipeline is up to date.