Sharing your clients’ teasers confidentially on Axial

“How can I be sure my employees and competitors don’t find out?”

As an advisor, we know you need to balance maximizing your client’s outcome while protecting their privacy in a transitional time for their business. Your responsibility often means tightly controlling who has visibility into a deal process, while making sure there are enough buyers at the table to get the deal done.

Selectively and confidentially sharing your teaser with potential buyers, investors and lenders has never been easier. Here’s the process on Axial:

After you’ve entered the information about a given deal via a sell-side project, you will see the list of potential transaction partners, each of whom fits the deal’s characteristics, in the Recommended Targets list. Briefly review each recommended buyer/investor before sending them the teaser. You can evaluate buyers/investors on multiple types of information, all on the Axial platform:

  • Firm type
  • Location
  • Matching investment criteria (overall fit, industry fit, financial fit, keywords)
  • Transaction history as reflected on their company profile
  • Average responsiveness to other Projects (Responsiveness Score)

Select each member you’d like to share your teaser with, and move them to your Deal List to grant access and notify them of the Project. Your teaser will be delivered to the inbox of the buyers/investors you have selected, and only the buyers/investors you have selected.

After the potential partners have received access to the deal, they can decide whether to “pursue” or “decline” it. Once they have evaluated the deal, you will receive notification and should respond in a timely manner – usually within 48 hours.

Note: Deals marketed selectively are not searchable on Axial. They’re only visible to you, your client, and the members you market them to.Distributing a deal on Axial provides both complete control of those who see it, along with a wide group of potential partners for the richest pool of options.

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Answers to a few FAQs on confidentiality

Q: Is my client’s information public when I market it through Axial?

No, when you market clients selectively, only the members you market the deal to can see its information. Any information you share on Axial can only be viewed by other members.

Q: What information is shared when I privately share my teaser?

You can see exactly what a recipient will see when you share your teaser by previewing your teaser in the deal info form.

Q: How do I decide who to market my project to?

We recommend marketing your Projects to broad audiences when possible – more buyers and capital providers at the table yield better prices for clients. When deciding to whom to market a transaction, consider investment criteria, firm type, and responsiveness first. Don’t be afraid to try connections that might seem outside the box!