Responding to interested members on Axial

Looking to get back to members who have messaged you, but not sure what to say? Here are a few examples we’ve seen CEOs have success with over the years:

CEO of $30m revenue company in Memphis interested in learning more about potential opportunities

Dave – thanks for getting back to me.

I’m mostly interested in learning more about opportunities you’re seeing in the marketplace right now. Any specific deals involving companies like mine or trends I might be able to take advantage of would be great to hear about.

If that agenda works for you, can we look to schedule a call next week?

CEO of $25m manufacturer needing partners for a deal he’ll execute in 2 years

Jim – thanks for your interest, looking forward to speaking.

We’re evaluating bankers and investors for an opportunity we’re hoping to execute in the next couple years. I’m happy to go into it more on our call, and I’d also like to learn more about your past experience in our industry, working with companies like ours.

How does Tuesday look on your end for an introductory call?

CEO of $42m IT Services firm seeking capital in next 6-12 months

Bill – glad to hear back from you, looking forward to next steps.

Before we speak, I wanted to give you a quick overview of what we’re looking to get done. We’ve got some contracts that we’re looking to raise capital before the end of the year to fulfill. I’d like to learn more about your firm and your experience to see if it’d make sense to talk about our deal in greater detail.

If you can speak before the end of the week, please let me know