How do I meet advisors, buyers, and capital providers?

How to: Create a Project from Axial on Vimeo.

If you’re interested in meeting advisors, investors, lenders, and/or potential buyers for your business, get started by creating a project.

Projects help you quickly identify potential partners who could be great fits and manage your progress with them as you connect and share information. Projects use basic information about your company to recommend a list of members that fit your goals. They then let you share a summary of basic information with members to initiate conversations and help you manage each relationship from there.

***IMPORTANT: Projects are confidential. They only become visible to other members when you explicitly opt to share the teaser with them, on a 1 by 1 basis.***

Step 1: Starting a New project

To start a new project, begin by clicking “Projects” at the top of the page:

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.24.50 PM

Next, click “New Project”:

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.50.57 PM

Step 2: Complete Project Information

Axial will take you through a workflow to build your Project one step at a time. As you’re building Projects, remember to include as much detail as possible about your company while concealing its identity. Detailed Projects get more interest on the network.

When your project is complete, Axial will recommend members based on the following information:

  • Transaction Type
  • Description
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Financials

As you’re completing the information in your project, keep the following tips in mind to maximize the interest you generate for your company:

  • Do not use all-caps, exclamation points, hyperbole, or too many adjectives
  • Write a detailed description at least 250 words in length
  • Include at least 3 years of financial information

Step 3: Add Deal Documents

Now that your project is complete, you have access to its full suite of features. Included in every project is a lightweight data room called the Document Center:

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 4.15.01 PM

Axial offers digital NDA exchange and signing to speed up the process of receiving signed NDAs from capital providers and advisors on the network. You can include Axial’s standard NDA or your own custom version with your Project. Because it has already been approved by most capital providers on the network, we recommend using Axial’s standard NDA.

Note: Axial’s standard NDA is signed 11.6% more often, and in 23.3% less time, than custom NDAs shared on the network.

Include a CIM and other due diligence documents with your Project to complete your document offering and ensure a smooth process if you are using your Project to pursue a current sale or equity raise. Interested parties will need your explicit permission to access documents marked as “Confidential Information Memorandum” and “Due Diligence Materials” in your Document Center. If you’re using your Project to explore options with capital providers and advisors, you can skip the CIM and due diligence materials. Everyone with access to the Project can see documents marked as “Non-Disclosure Agreement” and “Custom Teaser.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 5.54.48 PM

Step 4: Contact Axial members through your Project

There are two ways you can reach out to members on Axial, depending on how selective you’d like to be: share your Project to Axial for broader distribution, or use Deal List to build a targeted list for more selective outreach.

Granting access to your Project individually is a great way to run a more selective process. When you grant access to individual members instead of sharing your Project to Axial your project cannot be discovered in Search.

To grant access to your Project individually, begin by visiting the Recommendations tab (1) in your Project. Use the context provided in Recommendations to decide who to discuss your Project with first:

  • Company Type
  • Location
  • Campaign (current investment criteria)
  • Target EBITDA range
  • Target check size (viewable by toggling to “Grid” view)

Click individual members for more information about their firms, transaction history, and current priorities. When you’ve identified the members you’d like to discuss your Project with first, check the boxes to the left of their photos (2) and add them to your Deal List by clicking “Move to Deal List” (3). Deal List is for building a target list as you conduct research. Members on your Deal List cannot see your Project until you explicitly grant them access to it:

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 4.56.51 PM

Next, go to the Deal List tab (4), select the members you’d like to grant access to (5), then click “Grant Access” (6).

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 5.20.06 PM

Step 5: Reply to Interest (Pursuits)

Members who receive access to your Project will “pursue” if interested in discussing it further. You’ll receive an email notification anytime your Project is pursued. Be responsive to these members to maximize results for your company.

You can respond to pursuits in 2 ways:

1. Replying directly to pursuit notification emails you receive

Every time your Project is pursued, you will receive an email notification like the following:

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 6.13.51 PM

You can reply to this email directly from your inbox to get in touch with interested members. Keep in mind that the pursuing member already has a copy of your NDA if one has been uploaded. We suggest a reply such as:

Hi Bill,

I wanted to make sure you have everything needed to execute the NDA I included with Project Heat Lamp. Please let me know what other information I can provide, and when it would be best to schedule a call to review the project. I’m available Thursday and Friday morning from 8am to 11am each day.


2. Using your Project’s Deal List to message members who have pursued

Members who have pursued are located in the “Pursued” section under “Access Granted.” You can send messages to follow up with them from there:

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 6.39.38 PM

Step 6: Generate more interest

After you’ve received pursuits on your Project, generate more interest in it by granting access to more members. You can select additional members to grant access to from Recommendations, or you can find members via Search to add to your Deal List.

To add members to your Deal List from Search, start by searching the criteria you’d like and browsing your search results. When you find a member you’d like to add, hover over their search result and click the right-most icon under their name. You can then add them to your Project’s Deal List:

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.19.30 PM